Payment Details Request


Asset finance – Payment Details Request

Work Process

  1. Access the Service Cloud Console through Salesforce, and selects “Payment Details Request – PAF”
  2. Choose a new case and retrieves the relevant customer profile.
  3. Locate the documents required to initiate the process of updating that customer’s bank details.
  4. Send a predefined, templatebased email to the customer with the loan statements attached.
  5. Update the case details and close the case.


Innovation and Transformation

Domain(s) covered

Asset finance

Applications used

  • Salesforce
  • email
  • spreadsheet


  • 75% reduction in processing time
  • 100% accuracy rate in transaction handling and closure
  • Improved process efficiency with reduced manual effort
  • Resources reallocated to value-adding work
  • Improved SLAs resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased scalability to cater to increased volume of requests