Loan Statement Request


Asset finance – Loan Statement Request

Work Process

  1. Access the Service Cloud Console through Salesforce, and select “Loan Statement Request – PAF”
  2. Choose a new case and retrieve the relevant customer profile.
  3. Generate the customer’s loan statement file based on the requested period (“6 months”, “12 months”, or “All transactions to date”).
  4. Send a predefined, template-based email to the customer with the loan statements attached
  5. Update the case details and close the case.


Innovation and Transformation


Loan Statement

Domain(s) covered

Asset finance

Applications used

  • Salesforce
  • email
  • spreadsheet


  • 75% reduction in processing time
  • 100% accuracy rate in transaction handling and closure
  • Redeployment of staff to more value-adding work
  • Improved SLAs resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased scalability to cater to increased volume of requests