T&A and P&C Coordination (2nd)


T&A and P&C Coordination

Work Process

  1. Log into Service Now and open the ticket assigned to it. Download all the attachments to a designated folder.
  2. Extract the new starter/employee information from the excel spreadsheet.
  3. Log in to Express HR system, navigate to the appropriate page and fill in the information.
  4. Once you completed updating the new employer information in Express HR, the new employee’s employer ID Is generated.
  5. Save all the changes and log out of Express HR, navigates back to service now and updates the status of the ticket.
  6. New Hire record creation in Express HR sends out an email confirming the new employee record creation with details such as employee first name, last name and employee ID and the Service Now ticket number.
  7. Repeat this entire process for all open tickets assigned to it in Service Now.


Human Resources


Talent and Acquisition

Domain(s) covered

Talent and Acquisition (Onboarding), People Services Team (New Hire)

Applications used

  • PageUp
  • Express HR
  • Service Now
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Excel


  • Annual productivity savings of $110,000
  • Redeployment of 2 FTE onshore to more value-adding work
  • Reduction in manual errors by 90%
  • Reduced AHT (Average handling time) by 75%