T&A and P&C Coordination


T&A and P&C Coordination

Work Process

  1. Receive employee’s new Starter report through email, read the email, download the new starter report and initiate the onboarding process.
  2. Read the data from the new starter, log into Page Up system and search for the candidate via first and last name
  3. Download all the employee documents from Page Up one by one to designated folder with correct naming convention
  4. While downloading also validate if all the mandatory documents are present for the new hire, if not then send an exception mail to talent coordinator team
  5. Perform all the necessary validations and if any conditional check for the same e.g. superannuation, nationality etc.
  6. Send all the documents to People Services Team using email ID specified in People Services master.
  7. Delete all these documents from its temporary storage and repeat the same steps to process the next new hire.


Human Resources


Talent and Acquisition

Domain(s) covered

Talent and Acquisition (Onboarding), People Services Team (New Hire)

Applications used

  • PageUp
  • Service Now
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Excel


  • Annual productivity savings of $110,000
  • Reduction in manual errors by 90%
  • Redeployment of 2 FTE onshore to more value-adding work
  • Reduced AHT (Average handling time) by 75%